Training opportunities

BEGINNING TRAINING: Road to Emmaus is an ACBC certified training center.  We desire to raise up counselors in the Pacific Northwest who will faithfully be able to minister God’s Word in their churches and communities.  Our certification means ACBC will accept our Beginning Fundamentals in Biblical Counseling Course as satisfactory towards meeting their minimum education requirement. We have seven instructors who are predominantly experienced ACBC certified counselors with over 100 years of combined counseling or pastoral experience present our teaching.  In 2019 we offered training over three weekends about a month apart on March 1-2, April 5-6, and May 10-11 beginning at 5:45 pm on Fridays and 8:30 on Saturdays. Registration for that course is closed.

In 2020 the Beginning Fundamentals Course will be offered on the weekends of March 6-7, April 3-4, and May 1-2. To contact Pastor Kerry Francetich for more details, click on his name: Pastor Kerry Francetich.

ADVANCED TRAINING: Details will be coming out soon so look for information about a visit from Randy Patten on September 13-14 of 2019.

ACBC TEST PREP: We offer ACBC Test Prep tutoring to prepare you for completing the test required if you want to be certified with ACBC.  Contact Pastor Kerry to set up your tutoring plans.

We also offer free advanced classes from time to time.  Check out the Road to Emmaus' ACBC website by clicking the button below and navigating to the ACBC training centers page and find our information for the class being offered next, or click the ACBC button below just to get more information about ACBC