The Southwest Hills Home School Co-op is a ministry of Southwest Hills Baptist Church. Our purpose is to glorify God through encouraging, exhorting, and admonishing one another to train up our children to be godly men and women. The co-op exists to assist families in homeschooling and is not meant to replace parental responsibility. We believe God and His work are central to all areas of life and education.

The co-op also offers a wide variety of classes for pre-school through high school (e.g. science, writing, history, and enrichment classes). Our Co-op has classes on both Tuesday and Thursday. All of the Tuesday classes are open to the public, while only some Thursday classes are open to the public. Co-op members have access and first priority to all of the classes offered.

Please address any questions you may have regarding the co-op to Mandy Combs at

Requirements for Membership

  • Regularly attend the church for at least 4 months, unless recommended by a regular attendee of SWHBC that is also a current SWH Homeschool Co-op member.

  • Members must pay an annual membership fee of $40 per family for SWHBC attendees, or $50 per family for non-SWHBC attendees.

  • The parent involved in co-op must have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

  • Each family must fulfill the following service requirements:

    • Teach at least 1 class period for two quarters per ear or help in 1 class for all 4 quarters. (This is subject to change depending on the number of families involved each year. We may need to require that you teach a full year.)

  • Applicants must complete and return the necessary membership documents. You may not register for co-op classes until these documents have been submitted in their entirety.