Our goal is to become a church where God is central and prayer is an integral part of all we do. Although we have a long way to go, over the years prayer has become more and more of a focus because God is central to our very existence, and we are absolutely dependent on Him.

Elders’ Prayer Ministry – Our Elder team meets at least monthly, spending a significant amount of the time praying for our church. Also, they divide up the church directory so that the entire church body receives prayer at least twice per month. Additionally, they are available to pray for and anoint the sick (James 5:14).

Prayer 120 Team – We have a team of 50 – 100 people who commit to praying each week on their own for the people of our church. Prayer requests and praises are submitted by our people in our Sunday services. These are typed and sent out to our Prayer 120 Team members each Monday.

Individual Prayer Goal – Although we are not legalistic, we do challenge each other to what we call “the 20:20 vision”, that is, 20 minutes a day reading the Bible and 20 minutes a day in prayer. Some of our people are beyond this goal; others are not even close. Yet having a goal gives us something to aim at and work toward.