Below is a cross section of the opportunities available to the men of SWH. Most are oriented around small groups of men instead of trying to mobilize all the men for a particular activity/program. Please read through these available activities, and if you have interest, contact the person that is listed. Don't be shy, getting more information does not mean that you are signing up. Rise up and partake! Let's wholeheartedly pursue God and encourage others to do the same.

In Christ,
Joel Lundy


  • Men’s Fraternity “Muster”: An informal Saturday morning no-host breakfast at a local restaurant generally once a month beginning sometime this summer. The purpose will be to provide a forum for men to meet, talk, get to know each other, and invite other men into that fellowship. For more information contact: Craig Smith (


  • Men’s Fraternity: “Quest for Authentic Manhood” – Open to all interested, age 18 or older; this is a 24 week video study led by Robert Lewis beginning in the fall designed to help men come together and strengthen each other through weekly sessions that combine biblical teaching and small group interaction. Men's Fraternity provides men with an encouraging process that focuses on how to live lives of authentic manhood as modeled by Jesus Christ and directed by the Word of God. It helps men understand their masculine identity and how to make their pursuit of authentic manhood a lifelong priority. It is open to men of the church and community who seek to be better men. For more information contact: Craig Smith (
  • Sermon Study Group: This group of men meets monthly with Pastor Rick to study the next book of the Bible he is going to preach through. This gives a great opportunity to dig deeper into a book of the Bible while helping Rick with insights/suggestions for his preaching. The next group will be studying Ephesians. For more information contact: Rick Elzinga (
  • The Library: This group of men commits to meet once a week for 2-3 months, giving men the opportunity to put down the remote, cell phone and other distractions and commit an evening to pursue God. Half the time will be spent individually pursuing God and the other half sharing what God lays on their heart. This is a great time to pursue God and have fellowship with other men pursuing Him. For more information contact: Joel Lundy (


  • Bible Immersion Retreats: Quarterly we will have retreats for a group of men to meet on a Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday to work through a major portion of Scripture. This opportunity will allow a passage of Scripture to deeply affect your life and thinking. Draw close to other men as they also listen to God speak through His word. For more information contact: Joel Lundy (
  • Men’s Backpack Trip: Want to experience the great outdoors? How about a backpacking trip in the Cascades? Enjoy a great opportunity to have extended fellowship with brothers and enjoy God’s beautiful creation at the same time. For more information contact: Jim Svoboda (
  • Couple’s Day Hike: How about a date hike with your wife and some other couples? To make it extra special for your wife, maybe you could make the lunch and organize the babysitting. For more information contact: Jim Svoboda (
  • Men’s Day Hike: Get some needed exercise, enjoy God’s creation and have some great fellowship. Such a deal!  For more information contact: Ray Roy (


  • Addiction Ministry: Is there an area of your life that you can’t seem to master? Patterns of behavior that are destructive to you and your family? Pastor Mitch is a great resource to successfully deal with these kinds of issues. For more information contact: Mitch Lamotte (
  • Biblical Counseling: A wise man seeks counsel. If you need a one-time meeting to get Biblical perspective, or an extended number of meetings to work through a problem, our counseling ministry is here to help you. For more information contact: Kerry Francetich (

Personal Development

  • Counselor Training: If you think God is leading you into a ministry of counseling others, seek out Pastor Kerry to learn how you can be trained and equipped to step into our counseling ministry. For more information contact: Kerry Francetich (
  • Mentorship: Having a mentor can be invaluable when we are facing life’s challenges. A mentor can work with you on your spiritual life, your marriage, parenting, finances, representing Christ in your work situation – whatever would help you grow as a man of God. For more information contact: Rick Elzinga (
  • 30-Day Life to Life: If you are wanting to experience a deeper, more transparent relationship with another brother this is the opportunity for you. Once a quarter, I meet with a man every day (except Sundays) for one hour. We choose a passage of scripture to work through and every day spend ½ hour going through the passage separately then spend ½ hour together sharing what the Lord has laid on our hearts. For more information contact: Joel Lundy (
  • Leadership Development: One way to develop into a leader is to lead! We will give men specific opportunities to lead that match their gifting and passions. It may involve leading a home group or class, leading a ministry, or spearheading a task. For more information contact: Rick Elzinga (


  • Prayer Opportunities: We have several opportunities either to be prayed for or to pray. Pastor Rick tries to pray each month for each man who is a member. If you have a specific request you want him to pray for, he would love to hear from you. For more information contact: Rick Elzinga (


    Bill Sweitzer and Joel Lundy spend a half day in prayer each month praying for the men that are members. We split up the men in groups of 25 and pray for that group of men twice a year. If you have updates to the prayer requests you have given us, please let us know. For more information contact: Joel Lundy (

    Doug Lundin leads a prayer time open to all the men every Saturday morning.  For more information contact: Doug Lundin (