Evangelism Booth

Sharing The Gospel Using Our Evangelism Booth



An evangelism booth is a location, usually in a park, a fair or a festival, where we talk with people, share the gospel, and give out apologetic and evangelistic materials.

The booth is typically set up so that people come to us and ask questions. This makes it easy to talk about spiritual topics and what happens after you die, because people ask you about those things. 

The purpose is to provide opportunities to practice sharing the gospel - that day with no delay. There are other situations in which you may need to built trust before you can share the gospel. The booth experience is designed to help prepare you for when it is time to share the gospel.

There will be other times in which you will be in a situation in which there is just a few minutes in which to share the gospel.

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There is a lot of information on these web pages. Do you need to know it all? No. All you need to do is come to the booth and tell people who come to the booth about Jesus.

Read through the pages here. You'll get a feel for what goes on in our evangelism booth, and get some great tips for sharing the gospel. When you are at the booth relax, have fun, tell people about Jesus, and watch the Holy Spirit work.


What Is An Evangelism Booth?

Our booth usually is 10' x 10' in area, but at some events we may have a larger space. We typically will have a canopy that provides some protection from sun and rain. There will be a table with DVDs, books and tracts. Everything may be given away free.

Sometimes we'll have an exhibit to attract attention and draw people to the book. For example, we have a display with three doors. It asks the question, "Can you name three things God can't do?"