Fall Workshop

Our Annual Fall Workshop will be held on September 13 and 14 this year. It’s a privilege to have Randy Patten back with us to conduct training we are calling “Bringing Sound Doctrine and Sound Practices into Our Counseling”. Randy is a former executive director of ACBC and currently ministers through Team Focus Ministries in providing counsel and training to churches. Part of the discussions during this workshop will involve taking portions of the ACBC doctrinal statement and considering how it applies to our actual counseling practice. This event will greatly benefit newcomers to biblical counseling and seasoned veterans as well. Registration will be opening soon, so check out to do that soon. The cost is only $40.

Dr. Bob Kellemen Here at Road to Emmaus in May

Dr. Bob Kellemen is the author of eighteen books, including God’s Healing for Life’s Losses: How to Find Hope When You’re Hurting. Bob is the President and CEO of RPM Ministries; the Academic Dean at Faith Bible Seminary; Pastor of Counseling Ministries at Bethel Church, and was the founding Executive Director of the Biblical Counseling Coalition. Bob and his wife, Shirley, have been married for thirty-eight years, and have two adult children and three grandchildren. On May 10-11, Dr. Bob will bring us two sessions on “How to Care Like Christ”.  In these sessions we’ll be challenged to enter into Gospel Conversations with people to help us help others face suffering in a way they will know it’s normal to hurt in this fallen world, but it’s also possible to hope in Christ during that time.  We’ll expand upon that and also learn to help people by helping them acknowledge sin, but with the grace and understanding that it’s wonderful to be forgiven, and it’s supernatural to mature beyond our waywardness.

Dr. Kellemen will also present four sessions on the topic of God’s Healing for Life’s Losses: How to Find Hope When You’re Hurting.  He’ll talk about launching your grief journey with Christ, inviting God to join your grief journey, waiting with God on your journey of hope, and traveling with God in your journey of faith.

Dr. Kellemen will also present one session on counseling with unbelievers, using 1 Peter 3:15 as a basis for thinking through the question of “Can we do biblical counseling with unbelievers?” 




Road to Emmaus' Purpose

The Road To Emmaus Biblical Counseling Center has a two-fold purpose.  1. To provide Biblical Counseling to people who are experiencing moral, spiritual, or relational difficulties as they live life in a troubled and fallen world.  And 2. To train believers to provide Biblical Counseling to others in either a formal or informal setting.

Biblical Counseling is what happens when you use God’s Word to have a conversation with and show care to people who are hurting and in need of God’s wisdom and guidance.  We live in a world that has been deeply impacted by sin, and we all know what it’s like to experience hurt and pain as we move through life.  We all have faced, will face, or know others who have faced the grief over the loss of a loved one, the despair that accompanies a suicide, despair over the loss of employment, the hopelessness of a medical prognosis, adultery, divorce, drug and alcohol addiction, the turmoil surrounding pornography, rebellious children, domestic violence, abuse, fear, depression, family conflicts, worry and the list could go on. 

There is bad news in that we will all face these kinds of things at some point in our lives.  The good news is that God has made provision to deal with these issues through the life, death, and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ, and through giving His people direction for how to address these issues in His all-sufficient Word.

Biblical Counseling is based on the conviction that a relationship with Jesus Christ is sufficient to address the moral, spiritual, and relational challenges we face, and that the Bible provides a clear explanation of His work.  The Bible teaches that counseling is part of the normal process or one-anothering or discipling that all Christians are called to as we live life together and experience the pain and the bearing of one another’s burdens.

At Road To Emmaus, we counsel people using God’s all-sufficient Word, and we host training to equip people to come alongside others with the hope found in God’s Book.  Our next training events are a three-weekend course occurring in March, April and May, which we call The Fundamentals in Biblical Counseling to equip those new to Biblical Counseling with the basics, and two weekends of Advanced Training in March and May for those who have already taken the Fundamentals Course.

You can get more information at or to register.


4th Annual Biblical Counseling Workshop

Annual Biblical Counseling Workshop

with Dr. Stuart Scott

November 10, 2018     9AM to 5 PM

“Growing in Our Ministry of Reconciliation”

2 Cor. 5:18 “All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation”

Join us in the morning sessions with Dr. Stuart Scott as he leads us through 3 sessions that will help us grow in our understanding of biblical reconciliation and the role the biblical counselor has in this God-given ministry.

The afternoon sessions will be with Pastor Kerry Francetich

He will be presenting

“A Structure for Crisis Intervention”

Crises are all around us.  People in crisis come into the counseling room, and in the 3 afternoon sessions Pastor Kerry will present a structure for how to evaluate and respond to the needs presented.  These will be highly interactive sessions where we will work through a case study to test the concepts presented.

So join us at

Southwest Hills Baptist Church

9100 SW 135th Ave.

Beaverton, OR  97008


Register at

$40 which includes lunch

For more information contact Pastor Kerry Francetich at

4 Convictions that Underlie the Practice of Biblical Counseling

Today I will present 4 key scriptural convictions that underlie the practice of biblical counseling.  First, in our counseling method and content, we hold to the conviction that it is our presenting of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior through the use of His Word and empowered by the Holy Spirit that helps people in their personal and relational problems.  We lead people to a person: Jesus Christ, not a program, Who will ultimately change them and help them live victoriously.

Second, it is our conviction that we use the Bible to diagnose, explain, and solve our problems.  God’s Word alone is the book that provides true, authoritative and sufficient wisdom and guidance for every life situation.  It is superior to man’s wisdom and the competing counsel of secular and integrated forms of counseling.

Third, we desire to counsel as the Master Counselor, Jesus, by showing love, concern, care, and compassion for those who are struggling.  Our ministry should reflect these qualities as we speak the truth in love.

Finally, we are convinced that lasting change comes only when both the inner and outer man is addressed by our counsel.  Biblical counseling is not shallow, simplistic, or focused on behavior only, but on the heart also.  We seek to use God’s Word, which can uncover our beliefs and motives along with the ensuing behavior, to lead to true lasting change.