Dr. Jim Newheiser Coming to Provide Biblical Counseling Training

Dr. Jim Newheiser, Director of IBCD and of the Christian Counseling Program at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, will be in Oregon at Southwest Hills Baptist Church/Road to Emmaus Counseling Center on April 6-7, 2018.  Dr. Newheiser will teach a number of topics, beginning Friday night at 7 PM, continuing Saturday from 8:30 AM to 4 PM.  Among the topics are answering practical questions about divorce and remarriage, what must be done to protect a marriage, effects of past abuse on a marriage, abuse during a marriage issues, loving wayward marriage partners, and ministering to prodigals.  Register at www.southwesthills.org/acbc-training.


Advanced Training Opportunities

Details still need to be worked out, but this year while The Road to Emmaus Biblical Counseling Center is conducting our Fundamentals in Biblical Counseling training in March, April, and May, during 2 of those weekends (April and May) we will also be conducting Advanced training.  Dr. Jim Newheiser, the Director of IBCD, will be here in April, and Dr. Nicolas Ellen will be here in May.  Both men are ACBC fellows and will be presenting training specifically targeted at helping new and experienced counselors sharpen their Bible knowledge and counseling skills.  As a special deal counselors who have already attended the Fundamentals training may come on March 9-10 for a refresher, then attend April 6-7 to learn from Dr. Newheiser, and May 4-5 to sit under Dr. Ellen's teaching.  You may also register for individual weekends.  Look for more details forthcoming!

4 Convictions that Underlie the Practice of Biblical Counseling

Today I will present 4 key scriptural convictions that underlie the practice of biblical counseling.  First, in our counseling method and content, we hold to the conviction that it is our presenting of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior through the use of His Word and empowered by the Holy Spirit that helps people in their personal and relational problems.  We lead people to a person: Jesus Christ, not a program, Who will ultimately change them and help them live victoriously.

Second, it is our conviction that we use the Bible to diagnose, explain, and solve our problems.  God’s Word alone is the book that provides true, authoritative and sufficient wisdom and guidance for every life situation.  It is superior to man’s wisdom and the competing counsel of secular and integrated forms of counseling.

Third, we desire to counsel as the Master Counselor, Jesus, by showing love, concern, care, and compassion for those who are struggling.  Our ministry should reflect these qualities as we speak the truth in love.

Finally, we are convinced that lasting change comes only when both the inner and outer man is addressed by our counsel.  Biblical counseling is not shallow, simplistic, or focused on behavior only, but on the heart also.  We seek to use God’s Word, which can uncover our beliefs and motives along with the ensuing behavior, to lead to true lasting change.