Booth Etiquette

You Are Welcome To Watch: We encourage you to come, sit in the booth and watch what we do. You do not need to participate in the booth activities. Come watch.

Only Do What You Feel Comfortable Doing: If you've volunteered to help at the booth, but don't feel comfortable participating in what is currently happening in the booth, you do not need to participate. For example, if we are all out front handing out tracts and you'd prefer not to do that, sit back and relax. Only do what you feel comfortable doing.

All Ages Welcome: People of all ages are welcome to help at a booth. However, please let us know in advance if someone who is not capable of doing some activities is coming. For example, if you'd like to bring young children whom you want to be involved with what we are doing, then we'll plan our activities so that they can witness to other young children. (Also, see the next item.)

Animals & Babies: Pets are not allowed in the booth. We have very limited space that we prefer to reserve for people. Also, mamy of the events do not allow pets in booths. Babies are very welcome. We've had babies as young as nine months handing out gospel tracts.

Welcome Booth Visitors: If a visitor comes to the booth and there is no one but you available to welcome them, please consider saying "hello." For example, you could say, "Hi. Everything here is free, so you are welcome to take what you'd like."

Give Children's Material To Children: Please do not give "adult" level materials to children. Some kids will take everything they can and most of it will probably never be read. We have tracts appropriate for children and they may have those.

Visitors With Small Children: In general do not share the gospel with small children without their parent's permission. If kids come to the booth without parents, then they typically are old enough to hear the gospel without their parent's permission. Remember to do so in an age appropriate manner.

Be Considerate Of Our Neighbors: Be helpful, kind and considerate to those staffing the booths near us.

Be flexible and have a good time - and smile. Things will go wrong. Plans will go astray, but everything will turn out exactly the way God wants it to.

Polictics: There are to be no political discussions in our booths. We share the gospel with people of all political beliefs. Politics have nothing to do with the gospel and we do not want politics to get in the way of the gospel.

Theology & Doctrine: Also, debates about theology or doctrine are not to take place within the booth, or near the booth. Non-Christians do not understand that there are some things we can lovingly disagree about. However, at times it may be necessary to discuss a question about theology. Although we can get passionate about theology in private discussions, keep all discussions about theology or the Bible that take place in the booth loving. If you are asked to discontinue a discussion, please do so... no matter how passionate you are about your theological position. Those who continue to aggresively push a personal theology may be asked to leave and will not be invited to participate in future events.

If you notice a team member sharing a non-Biblical position on essential doctrine (salvation, who Jesus is, the nature of God, etc.), please immediately tell your team leader.

No promotion of other organizations or causes: Our booth is a non-denominational booth about evangelism and sharing the good news. It may not be used to promote other causes, organizations and philosophies. Also, many of the contracts we sign require us to identify everything we will be doing or offering, in advance. If it is not in the contract, we cannot do it. In addition, some contracts prohibit booths being used for multiple purposes.

Only literature and materials supplied by us may be handed out or displayed.

Your Schedule: Please do not volunteer for a time period during which you wish to see other events at the festival or fair. We typically schedule no more than three to four peopleat a time in the booth. When you volunteer for a block of time, but are not in the booth, you have not only takenm away your services you m,ay have prevented another person from being in the booth and gaining experience.